Jason Falls “Professional Eater” Welcomes You to Bourbon & Barbeque Louisville

Bourbon Barbeque Louisville

BBL, BOURBON & BARBEQUE LOUISVILLE WATERFRONT, will be a time to remember. I’ll be there, as well as some of my favorite people. Hope you’ll join us, and if not there, then via the content we will share. /Ted

Louisville’s own Jason Falls

Ready for another report from the field from @jasonfalls? The Louisville-based bourbon fan and self-titled “professional eater” was more than we expected. He did confirm over the next several weeks, he’s going to be interviewing some of the pitmasters and chefs, plus bourbon brands to get us ready for #bblwaterfront Nov. 11-12!

Be sure to follow him @jasonfalls, or just stay tuned here to follow along. 

And be sure to get your tickets now at bblwaterfront.com to join us all for an amazing good time!

Ticket price includes:

  • Live Music
  • Beer Tent Access with Sig Luscher & Against the Grain
  • TV & Sports Pavilion Access
  • Access to Podcast & Education Pavilions
  • Interactive Paint-by-Numbers
  • All Taxes & Fees

$20 of each ticket purchased is donated to our
Charity partners!

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